A Royal Opening for the Ogstoun Drama and Dance Centre

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The opening of the fantastic extension to the theatre took place on Wednesday 21st May. We were honoured to have Their Graces The Earl and Countess of Wessex to open the building.

The new building contains a fantastic new dance studio, two classrooms, changing facilities, some storage space, a nice kitchen area and offices for all of the lovely staff. With the extension completed, the building will now be formally known as the ‘Ogstoun Drama and Dance Centre’.

The Earl and Countess toured the building, watching a dance performance by GY Dance in the new studio and speaking with students in the lessons taking place in the classrooms. The Earl of Wessex stopped briefly to look at photographs of himself in Gordonstoun Drama productions of the past and then moved into the theatre to watch a short drama performance before officially opening the building.

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Following the opening The Earl and Countess of Wessex took time to speak with the students and staff about the drama work that goes on at Gordonstoun and the excellent facilities that we enjoy.


The Earl of Wessex showed tremendous skill in captivating the audience, building up tension with a very funny speech. The result was a tremendous cheer from everyone watching as the curtain was formally pulled to reveal the plaque that will now adorn the exterior of the building.


The opening was a wonderful experience for all of us here at Gordonstoun and we are extremely grateful to The Earl and Countess for coming to Ogstoun, for their interest in the work we do here and for opening the theatre in such an entertaining and enjoyable manner.