Dramatic Presentation for the Duke of Edinburgh

At the beginning of the Summer Term I was asked to put together a presentation for an extremely important guest as The Duke of Edinburgh made a private visit Gordonstoun. Writing a piece about the Duke’s time at the school was a wonderful and fascinating project and reminded me of the incredible history that Gordonstoun has developed in a relatively short time! The school has changed in many ways since the 1930’s, but we’re still proud to hold our Founder’s vision in the highest esteem. Working with our students to create this piece in such a very short time, reminded me that our motto Plus Est En Vous becomes more relevant, the more stressful the situation! A MASSIVE well done to all of the students from Gordonstoun and from the Junior School who worked so hard with the readings and with the final image that was built up so beautifully to represent the incredibly broad curriculum we offer here at school.

The Tempest cooks up a storm in London

Way back at the end of the Summer Term, an intrepid group of (just finishing) Year 11 students took on the task of presenting a half hour version of The Tempest. This was a brand new short adaptation of the play created by the Director of Drama. The students had only three and a half days to bring the entire show together! Accompanied by the amazing sounds of Mr P’s ‘piano harp’ they performed in the open air on the grass outside Ogstoun to a lovely audience who sat in the summer sun and enjoyed the show on the last evening of term.

As soon as the term was over, the cast, along with the drama staff all jumped on a plane and took the show down to London to perform at St Katherine Docks as part of the school’s 80th Birthday celebration.

The weather was amazing and the students were fortunate enough to meet Princess Anne and give three performances of the show to differnet audiences on a large pontoon, rather appropriately situated in the centre of the docks, with Ocean Spirit of Moray moored beside us.

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Lots of OG’s came and saw the show and it was lovely to catch up with them and learn about the exciting things they’re all up to now. What a great way to start the holiday, and a great experience for all involved.

GCSE Presentation Evening 2014

As you can see from the poster, we’ll be having our GCSE Presentation next week. There are five short productions, all on the theme of ‘Contrasts’. The plays have all been devised by the students themselves and each group has interpreted the theme in a different way, with very interesting results. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished pieces in Ogstoun as the students perform in front of an audience on Monday evening and then to the examiner on Tuesday.

Year 11 Edinburgh Trip

Last week we took the Year 11 GCSE Drama students to Edinburgh for our annual GCSE Drama trip to support the work the students are doing in class exploring… THE UNKNOWN!!!

We had a great day, beginning at 6.30am, when the refectory very kindly put on an early breakfast for us. Then it was onto the coach for the long drive down to Scotland’s beautiful capital city.

On arrival, we were straight into the frightful world of the Edinburgh Dungeons where Charlie B had a torturer demonstrate on him, Frankie was excecuted as William Wallace and we were all scared witless by the Sawney Bean Family! We eventually made it out alive and moved onto the Festival Theatre where we watched a performance of the National Theatre’s fantastic production of WarHorse. This wonderful show, with it’s innovative and original use of incredible puppetry combined with live action was a treat for the eyes and the emotions – more than one member of the group shed a tear before the end.

A great day and one that will help the pupils immensely as they complete their coursework for The Unknown and begin the process of developing their own ideas for the final practical examination.

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Grease – The Final WORD !

Well Happy New Year to one and all and welcome back to a new term here at Gordonstoun! We’ve all moved on to new work now with three Year 12 plays in production for the end of this term – An Inspector Calls, The Rise and Fall of Little Voice and the Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui will be performed in the Ogstoun Theatre in March. Despite this, let’s take a moment to look back at Grease with a few pictures and a bit of video.

We are still here….

It’s true, we are still here, honestly. A little red faced for not adding to the Ogstoun Blog for so long, but definately present! We’ve all been so busy with Grease and there’s a huge amount to update everyone on with photos of the production and a video surely on its way. I’ll also be telling you about the Year 13 shows for the Children’s Theatre Tour which went out and toured eight local primaries last month. For now just know, we’ve done much and all of it fun – there will be more to follow. Oh, and the cat’s out of the bag about next year’s big Christmas production… more on that coming soon!

Year 12 Theatre Studies Tour

Leavin' on a jet plane...

Leavin’ on a jet plane…

This week the AS Level Theatre Studies students are off to England to perform some of their devised work to students at Solihull School and Bloxham School. Whilst we’re down here we’ll be taking the opportunity to see as much live theatre as we can! We’ve had a long day of travelling and we’re now safely in our first hotel. We’re very much looking forward to performing tomorrow as well as having a chance to take a tour at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Later tomorrow we’ll be watching Titus Andronicus at the RSC.