Gordonstoun Drama at the Edinburgh Fringe

During the summer Gordonstoun took two shows to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe… ‘Avenue Q’ Directed by Mrs Parker with Musical Direction by Mr Burbury and ‘The Cagebirds’ Directed by Mr Parker. Both shows were performed at Cvenues and did brilliantly, with great audiences and great reviews.

The students had a fantastic time at the Fringe and took the opportunity to see a huge number of shows whilst they were there, making friends with loads of other performers and inviting people along to see their own productions.

Everyone enjoyed marching along the Royal Mile promoting the productions and performing extracts of their shows in the street to successfully promote ticket sales.

A brilliant and hugely valuable experience for everyone who was a part of it. Massive thanks go to all the staff who helped to make it all happen and well done to the performers who showed Gordonstoun to be a centre for performing excellence once again!