A-Level Drama

A-Level Drama at Gordonstoun is exceptionally strong. We are fortunate to have outstanding facilities that are in use constantly, with students having full access to the Ogstoun Theatre every day of the week.

We study the Edexcel syllabus and we have around 50 students on our A Level course, 25 students studying AS Drama and Theatre Studies in Year 12 with a further 25 students in Year 13 Studying A Level.

Year 12 AS Drama and Theatre Studies


In Year 12 we study influential Theatre Practitioners including Stansilavski, Brecht and Artaud. We study Steven Berkoff’s ‘Metamorphosis’ and Peter Shaffer’s ‘Equus’ and all students take part in a major examined production. Students also present monologue and duologue work to the examiner.


Students in Year 12 will experience a wide range of live theatre with visiting Theatre Companies visiting us in the Ogstoun Theatre as well as a range of trips out to Inverness, Aberdeen and Dundee. We also spend time in London and the South East where students are given the opportunity to tour their own work as well as seeing a range of shows in the West End and Stratford.


Year 13 A Level Drama and Theatre Studies

Year 13 begins with students undertake a major project to tour their devised work to local primary schools. Students will create work based on a specific theme and will then schedule and organise their tour to schools in the surrounding area. Students study the work of William Shakespeare, making comparisons between the original performance conditions and contemporary performances. They also study the play Woyzeck by Georges Buchner. All plays are studied in a practical way and to support their learning, Year 13 students give practical performances throughout the year in the Ogstoun Theatre.




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