Romeo and Juliet


Our Year 12 Production of Romeo and Juliet in Ogstoun was a great success. As always with our summer show, the rehearsal period was very short and very intense with the students returning from study leave less than two weeks before the show hit the stage. The cast worked exceptionally well together and the show took shape quickly and efficiently.

This was a contemporary adaptation of the play with a running time of approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes. The piece was a condensed version of the original play in a modern setting combining Shakespeare’s language and characters with contemporary characters and modern language. The action was placed within the framing device of a group of secondary school students as they discover that they have two new teachers who help them to study and explore the play in an unconventional way. The cast combine dance and drama to explore the story and the framing device allows us to clarify and highlight some of the key themes of Shakespeare’s wonderful tragedy; the audience learn about the play alongside the students in the story.

The set for the play was necessarily simple as this piece will be touring to Boston and New York in October 2015.

Here is a gallery of photos from the performances in the Ogstoun Theatre:

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