Year 11 Edinburgh Trip

Last week we took the Year 11 GCSE Drama students to Edinburgh for our annual GCSE Drama trip to support the work the students are doing in class exploring… THE UNKNOWN!!!

We had a great day, beginning at 6.30am, when the refectory very kindly put on an early breakfast for us. Then it was onto the coach for the long drive down to Scotland’s beautiful capital city.

On arrival, we were straight into the frightful world of the Edinburgh Dungeons where Charlie B had a torturer demonstrate on him, Frankie was excecuted as William Wallace and we were all scared witless by the Sawney Bean Family! We eventually made it out alive and moved onto the Festival Theatre where we watched a performance of the National Theatre’s fantastic production of WarHorse. This wonderful show, with it’s innovative and original use of incredible puppetry combined with live action was a treat for the eyes and the emotions – more than one member of the group shed a tear before the end.

A great day and one that will help the pupils immensely as they complete their coursework for The Unknown and begin the process of developing their own ideas for the final practical examination.

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Grease – The Final WORD !

Well Happy New Year to one and all and welcome back to a new term here at Gordonstoun! We’ve all moved on to new work now with three Year 12 plays in production for the end of this term – An Inspector Calls, The Rise and Fall of Little Voice and the Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui will be performed in the Ogstoun Theatre in March. Despite this, let’s take a moment to look back at Grease with a few pictures and a bit of video.