Fantastic Drama Exam Results

Now that the results are all in for both A-level and GCSE, I think a post is in order to celebrate the achievements our drama students have made.

A huge well done to every single one of you in Year 11, 12 and 13. Whatever you have achieved we are very proud of you all.

An amazing 55% of our Year 13 students achieved A* or A grades at A level. A special well done goes to Jolley and Lutra for their A*’s.

In GCSE Drama this year an fabulous 52% of our Year 11 drama students achieved an A grade.

We are also pleased with the AS results. Although we don’t have official grades because most students are going on to study A2 this year, 71% of the Year 12’s achieved what would be an A or B grade if cashed in, with the other students close behind them. This means they’ll be very well set for doing extremely well at the end of Year 13.

Taking the results as a whole, it’s great to see so many students achieving their full potential and being rewarded for the fantastic work, both practical and written that was created last year.

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