Much Ado About Moving…

Well, what a week it’s been. We’ve finished the production so look out for a post about how fabulous it was in the near future when we get all of the pictures sorted out, but the real drama has been in getting things ready! At the very last minute the decision was taken to move the whole show from Round Square to the Ogstoun Theatre because the weather was looking so serious over the three nights of the show.

As you can see, the joiners dismantled the set in Round Square and brought it up to Ogstoun on Thursday and we ended up with a big pile of very wet set in the theatre ready to be rebuilt on Friday morning… The day of the show!

We then spent the first part of Friday rubbing down the steeldeck to try to remove all of the wet sticky paint that was making the floor very slippery

Finally the joiners were able to rebuild the entire set and they had it ready for us to run our dress rehearsal by 2.00pm. The work they did was fantastic and the set looked even better in the theatre!

We really want to thank the maintainance staff here at Gordonstoun for the tremendous hard work they have put in. The set they had already created was quite wonderful and would have been excellent in Round Square. Somehow though, it seemed to fit perfectly into the theatre as well and the show carried on…

Round Square... an empty patch of grass where the set had been!

Round Square… and the empty patch of grass where the set had been!

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