Dance Rehearsal Schedule – Week 2 Summer Term

Get as much rehearsal time in  as you can! Here is the timetable of when your rehearsal times are and when it is free to sneak in some extra practice 


Dance Studio Theatre
Mon 23rd April 3 p.m.    Contemporary Dance

4 p.m.    Yoga

6.45 p.m. Alice comp

8.15 p.m. Cameron comp

3 p.m. Flora Comp

4.45 p.m. Fhinn with Ross


Tues 24th April 2.45 pm  Ross

3.45 p.m.  Abi comp

6.45 p.m. Ross/Jolley/Ella

8.15 p.m. Berine comp

Wed 25th April P 3/4  Jolley/Nicola

3 p.m. Rose Comp

4.30 p.m. Berine

6.45 p.m. free

8.30 p.m. Katie comp

3.30 pm Nadia comp
Thurs 26th April 3.40 to 4.40pm  Aberlour

5 p.m. Mary comp

6.45 p.m. Fhinn/Eliza

8.45 p.m. GY Dance Company

8.45 p.m. Berine
Fri 27th April 2.35 p.m. Fhinn

4.15 p.m. Nadia

6.45 p.m. onwards free

Sat 28th April 3.15 p.m. Abi Comp

4.30 p.m. free

Sun 29th April 11 a.m. onwards set study clinic

1.30 p.m. onwards free

free all day

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